5 welfare myths that people still cling to. 

Judgement is the life you live when you receive help designed for low-income families. You get the crazy stares at the grocery store when you whip out the American Flag covered EBT card. You get the stigma painted by your family that you are the one with food stamps and government help that leaves them [...]

Good Mom, bad girlfriend. 

I was recently in a pretty short relationship. I know a lot of y'all were really invested lol!! I got so many messages and comments of how nice it was to see me happy. First of all, I'm always happy. I am alive and my kids are too. Don't give any guy that credit. Secondly, [...]

If you’re trying to sell me something….READ THIS!

Everyone is selling something. Makeup. Leggings. Fat Pills. Skinny Pills. Love Potion #9. Candles made from virgin beeswax. Bath bombs that will wax your HOOHAA. And that's great! Entrepreneurship is amazing and very rewarding.  -However- Let me just say from experience of being "swooned" by about 30 businesses in the past week....please don't be a [...]

Cheer up little fighter, things will get brighter. 

The bravest thing I ever did was continue my life when I didn't want to. To wake up every morning greeted by the same demons that tucked you in the night before...that is so brave. I've lost 2 dear people in my life in the past year to suicide. That's 2 too many. I've been [...]

An untold story never heals…

I should have known by the way he looked around the room to make sure no one was there that what he did to me was wrong. I was 15. He was 30. He held my face like a prize. I had no idea what to do, what we were doing, what was happening. My [...]

It’s beginning to look a lot like seasonal depression…

It's beginning to look a lot like seasonal depression. Which weighs more? An ounce Christmas cheer or an ounce of depression? I'm the Grinch right now. My 6-year-old just decorated the tree by herself. I was in the recliner. My son laid on me and used my face as an iPad kickstand. Merry Christmas. I [...]

How to deal with the narcissist in your life…

How to deal with someone you love being a Narcissist.  I've worked on this blog for a little over a month. Before I could write openly about this subject...I had to do my own social experiment and drop the narcissist in my life. I had to live in it and experience life after them. I [...]

10 reasons NOT TO HAVE SEX before marriage. 

True Love Waits Did y'all do the pledge? In youth group? In front of God, your family, and everybody? I did. I had the ring and everything. And then I blew it all to pieces. Shreds. Tiny, irreplaceable, tidbits of virginity and lies. Dang...that was deep. I didn't think about the error of my ways [...]

10 things I’ve learned from parenting a child who has my anxiety. 

My daughter has anxiety. The apple didn't fall far from the tree because she got it from me. It may seem like just a title to those not damaged by the disease but it's not. It's a lifestyle. It's everything. Everyday. No breaks. I'm not an expert on this subject but I can try to [...]